Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps with a vibrancy that few other places on earth possess. It operates from a highly advanced infrastructure where traditional shop houses and authentic hawkers sit alongside soaring skyscrapers – creating a ripe landscape for experiential travel.

Discover the arts

Hong Kong is quickly becoming Asia’s arts and cultural hub, attracting worldwide interest for its burgeoning creative arts scene. With a booming auction market and growing number of international art galleries opening (including Gagosian, White Cube and Lehmann Maupin from New York), the contemporary art landscape is here to stay in Hong Kong.

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Traditional Chinese medicine uncovered

To reap any benefits of traditional Chinese medicine, a good dose of spiritual understanding is required. Westerners are often tentative to try and curious about their effectiveness, often referring to them as ‘alternative’ medicine. But in Hong Kong they co-exist with modern day antibiotics. Traditional Chinese Medicine is an integral part of Chinese life and the way Chinese people perceive health and treat illness. In Hong Kong, more than a fifth of all medical consultations are made with practitioners of Chinese medicine.

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Hong Kong family insight

This tour will give visitors real insight into the daily life of Hong Kong residents. About three million people (50% of Hong Kong’s population) live in public housing. In 1953, a tragic fire broke out in a squatter area in Kowloon leaving 53,000 people homeless.

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Helicopter flight over Hong-Kong

With a surprise around every corner and over every ‘peak’, with a beguiling history to fascinate and explore. Hong Kong Island is steeped in tradition while leading the world in financial attainment. It is unlike any other island in the world – demanding your attention from the moment you arrive while appealing to every one of your senses.

Hover over the iconic landmarks of Hong Kong during a spectacular 12 minute join-in helicopter flight.

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Sai Kung

The New Territories stretch between the outer hills of Kowloon and offer visitors country parks, beautiful coastlines and rugged mountains. Officially part of the New Territories, Hong Kong’s 262 outlying islands make up 20 per cent of the Special Administrative Region’s (SAR) land area but contain just two per cent of its population. Sai Kung is one of Hong Kong’s remotest rural reaches, but its rare geological and environmental treasures ensure this district is highly revered far and wide.

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