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Cruise Asia by Destination Asia is Asia’s leading shore-side and excursion management specialist, providing more cruise line services than any other company on the continent. Our creative drive and supreme service is never compromised, ensuring the absolute pinnacle of product delivery for our clients. Notable achievements to date include being the first DMC to operate at the Marina Bay Cruise Center in Singapore and the first to handle golf cruise charters in Vietnam.

Cruise Asia only employs on-site managers with extensive hands-on experience in coordinating logistics requirements within their destination. We provide a range of key services throughout our 11-country network including: Shore Excursions; Turnarounds; Meet and Greet Services; Group and Private Transfers; Luggage Handling; Port Agency Services; Itinerary Development; Port Consulting; Hotel Bookings; Air/Sea Packages; Pre/Post Tour Packages and Multi-Country Overland Tour packages.

Turnarounds are a critical part of any guest cruise experience and this is why we individually train our multilingual staff so they can handle the logistical challenges of a turnaround effortlessly. This includes airport pick-ups, luggage handling, smooth transfers in our fleet of modern vehicles, check-in and disembarkation point services.

Over 22 international cruise lines serve Asia, operating a collective 43 ships – creating more demand than ever before for new and capable ports of call. Cruise Asia are at the forefront of this endeavor; on behalf of our cruise line clients we have prepared multiple port studies, including pier suitability and ISPS code compliance, as well as customs and immigration readiness.

These factors are crucial in the stages of itinerary development and port selection.

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Moji Port boasts an excellent location in the center of North-Eastern Asia and serves as a gateway to Kyushu, the main island of Southern Japan. Cruise Asia by Destination Asia (Japan) has created an enticing program that introduces the island of Kyushu from the moment you arrive in Moji Port. Japan presents juxtaposition of old and new; pioneering financial centers and delicately preserved ancient relics. During our program we introduce guests to both sides of Japan, providing a rounded outlook of this stunning destination.

Alongside an introduction to the burgeoning financial center of Kokura, Kyushu’s financial district, guests are treated to a guided tour of Kokura Castle – a masterfully restored 17th century heritage building. The castle is home to magnificently landscaped grounds and intricately designed gardens. Lunch is taken within the grounds with plenty of relaxation time to explore the surroundings.

We then continue to Hiraodai Limestone Plateau (image), Japan’s most impressive karst plateau where an abundance of pure white limestone outcrops has created an intriguing landscape. Guests can explore the underground caverns and explore an underground stream that runs through Hiraodai Senbutsu Cave.

This is an excellent excursion for those wanting to learn more about Japan’s culture, architectural heritage and natural beauty.


Cruise Asia by Destination Asia (Malaysia) has created a new tour experience which combines a visit to the historical Eagle Square with a small boat experience to the idyllic setting of Telak Daun. Guests begin by visiting the historical Eagle Square. According to local folklore, Langkawi derived its name from the eagle or "helang". In old Malay language, "kawi" denotes a reddish brown color, hence Langkawi means ‘reddish brown’. Eagle Square is home to a magnificent statue of the reddish brown eagle, majestically poised for flight.

Guests then board a 10-seater boat at a local jetty and begin a relaxing journey to the idyllic location of Telak Daun. Its crystal clear waters and inviting beaches are home to a delicate ecosystem only reachable by boat. With the assistance of a knowledgeable guide, guests will discover a landscape of tidal mangroves and lagoons at Tuba Island and learn about the spectacular limestone rock formations emerging from the sea bed.

Our expert guides will point out brown eagles, tree crabs, iguanas and Macaque monkeys which are commonly found in the area. The location is simply idyllic, with coconut palms providing shade along the stretches of pure golden sand. The clear water gradually deepens so guests can enjoy a peaceful swim, and curious monkeys are often seen scurrying about on the beach during this blissful boat escape to Langkawi.


Located a short distance from the Port of Sihanoukville, Kep makes an ideal day trip destination for those wanting to discover more of Cambodia’s beautiful coastline. Cruise Asia by Destination Asia (Cambodia) has created a full-day program to showcase the very best of Kep. This historical town features a number of remnants from its colonial days including a selection of magnificent French period architecture.

Kep is also widely known for its delicious crab and a visit here would not be complete without tasting it. After a visit to the local market we enjoy a delicious lunch at the Sailing Club to savor this local delicacy. As part of this day excursion we also visit the Aspeca Orphanage. This is an orphanage for children whose parents have been lost to Aids. In Cambodia the majority of orphanages do not receive any government funding so they rely heavily on donations to keep them running. A donation has been included in the price of the tour and will be made on behalf of the group on the day.

Before returning to the port, a visit will be made in Kampot. A picturesque town which still has a number of prestigious buildings such as the Governor’s Residence, Red Cross building and the department of mines building, as well as a fishing village in Prek Kdat to see locals at work on their boats.