Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Asia has been our home and workplace for nearly 30 years, and we respect it with the highest principle. The features below outline just some of the initiatives taken by our staff to give back to local communities and help support the less fortunate during 2022.

Giving Back by Destination Asia: Our Promise

Embracing our CSR pillars, we take responsibility for our actions and strive to create a positive impact through our activities on the environment, consumers, employees and communities. At all times we monitor and ensure active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international values. We manage the economic, social and environmental impacts of our operations to maximize the benefits and minimize the downsides.


Asia is our Home

Destination Asia is a proud member of the Asian community and we remain fully committed to developing our work ethics and philosophies, to better the quality of life for those in our community who have little. We believe it is our social and moral duty to ‘Give Back’, providing the communities we visit and live in with the tools and education they need to improve their lives now and for generations ahead. At the core of each of our programs is the nurture and development of social services, education, empowerment, environmental care - and the provision of equipment and structural development to enable a self-sufficient life.

Giving Back by Destination Asia

Giving Back is a socially responsible group initiative created in 2011 by Destination Asia to connect people and make a positive impact in the destinations where we operate. Giving Back is the name under which Destination Asia operates each of its CSR projects within their 11 destinations. A CSR representative within each country is assigned to work closely and connect the team with a selected local charity or enterprise, with the scope of projects in recent years varying greatly.

Our projects aim to build beneficial, long-term relationships that contribute to the improvement of livelihoods while preserving our planet’s fragile ecosystem. We will continue to support education, community development, health and medical improvements, environmental initiatives, disaster relief and provide any urgent assistance that local communities may require. Our future steps aim not only to give back, but empower the people of these communities to build their own future through education, training and confidence building. Together we have been able to multiply the impact of individual efforts to transform lives, communities and the planet.

Giving Back leads this effort with innovative programs and partnerships by combining human collaboration and networked connections. Throughout Asia, our employees continue to generously donate their talent, time, and compassion. They serve as volunteers in their communities or give to nonprofits, and Destination Asia embraces their enthusiasm to help change the world.