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Our service mantra has always been to deliver our valued clients the absolute pinnacle of travel products throughout the Far East. We have consistently achieved this goal since starting out in 1996, placing us as the premium choice for travel operators wanting to offer the very best experiences in Asia to their clients.

With an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing needs and exacting demands of today’s traveler, we deliver individual bespoke travel options through our dedicated teams located in each country.

Traditions, spirituality, antiquity, worship, civilization, serenity and dynamism; these are the day to day life experiences and events that Destination Asia wants your clients to connect with – through a series of encounters like no other. Whether it is cultural immersion; an adrenalin fuelled adventure; culinary encounters of a new kind; the opportunity to experience a vibrant festival in the heart of Indochina or a once-in-a-lifetime multi-country vacation – we can provide an unrivalled service that will never fail to impress.

Destination Asia’s client-focused services include:

Join the Destination Asia family and experience the authentic face of Asia, its cultural heritage, enthralling natural wonders and compelling zest for life.

Below is a selection of our customized travel options, designed to connect travelers with the authentic and enchanting qualities of Asia.



Kyoto reaches out to those who visit - connecting with each person on a deep and profound level.

Kyoto reaches out to those who visit, connecting with each person on a deep and meaningful level. From their hearts to the mind – the city captivates like nowhere else. The temples are astounding, mystical and monumental; but Kyoto has much more to offer than temples alone. Following a guided tour of temples such as Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera, we suggest jumping on a bicycle and exploring the vibrant back streets of Miyagawacho and Gion geisha districts – encountering old-world architecture and timeless forms of entertainment.

Miyagawacho and Gion have retained the old-fashioned Kyoto atmosphere, where Geisha drink and dine with customers in traditional houses. Here we cross stone-paved streets lined with Machiya-style townhouses that exude a typical Kyoto presence.

Our route follows the Shirakawa canal lined with majestic weeping willow trees, stopping at the Imperial Palace Park and its beautiful gardens. The pace is slow and easy, with plenty of opportunities to capture photos. Peddling back alongside the Kamogawa River, we admire one of Japan’s most beautiful sights, the cloud-like formation of endless cherry trees in full bloom; an experience never to be forgotten.



An appetizing program in Sichuan’s UNESCO City of Gastronomy

Chengdu is the provincial capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China and for reasons encompassing culture, culinary, adventure and outstanding beauty, remains a favored destination for travelers. First time visitors will be intrigued by the regions well known Giant Pandas, with a trip to the breeding and research center high on the list of activities. Repeat visitors may venture further into Northwest Chengdu, an area bordered by the high and steep Longmen Mountain, or travel west to the Qionglai Mountains that rise 3,000 m (9,800 ft) and includes Miao Jiling (5,364 m (17,598 ft)).

However, there is another attraction on the lips of every traveler – Chengdu cuisine. With the city’s recent designation as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Destination Asia China is leading the way in providing exceptional culinary tours through the spicy delights of Chengdu. With 56 alternative cooking styles and over 23 identifiable flavors present, the dishes found in the region of China are some of the most complex, unique and exciting in the world.

The distinct characteristic of Sichuan cuisine is the use of fiery chilies and peppercorns. Local dishes include Grandma Chen’s Tofu (Mapo Doufu), Chengdu Hotpot and Dan Dan Mien – literally meaning noodles carried on a pole.

With over a thousand years of culinary history, the refined, spicy and simply delicious food from this region is guaranteed to leave clients asking for more.



An exploratory journey into Central Laos to uncover an ancient city

Laos presents the opportunity to immerse in untouched, spectacular and always enchanting natural landscapes. Crossing the Mekong River into Laos invigorates a sense of adventure from within. Leaving the busy roads and cityscapes behind, we take to boats and pathways, trekking through caves and along rivers to discover a land of untold beauty.

In Hin Boun we board a riverboat and journey into the high limestone outcrops of the Hin Boun Natural Biodiversity Conservation Area. Here it is possible to catch sight of clouded leopards, civet cats and tigers in a landscape of orchids, cycads and intriguing epiphytes. Our destination is a riverside village where we refresh ourselves in the water and meet with local families, sharing cultural traits and learning to appreciate a very foreign way of life.

The villagers in the region are said to live their lives around the history and mystery of the ruins of Aran. One afternoon our guests follow a path leading through a one kilometer cavernous track, taking them literally through a mountain to the other side. On reaching the opening a secluded valley appears, the site where the Ancient City of Aran once stood. Search the overgrown ruins and learn about their mysterious history as we delve into a hidden era of Southeast Asia’s history.



For repeat visitors Siem Reap only gets better – with creative experiences in abundance beyond the stunning wonders of Angkor.

Siem Reap never loses its magic – in fact, for second and third time visitors the experience only gets better as you see and experience more than the stunning wonders of Angkor. The town is home to a creative youth, glorious restaurants, quaint shops and a relaxed, infectious atmosphere that finds a place in your heart.

The Giant Puppet Parade takes place on the last Saturday of February each year and is an excellent opportunity for travelers to witness the artistic side of Siem Reap and the product of its talented youth. Our tailored program created by Destination Asia Cambodia begins with a guided art gallery tour to three local shows that are testament to the thriving art scene. These cater to all artistic tastes including photography, stone carving, painting and sculpting. From here your private tuk tuk will take you to ‘Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant School’ for a delicious lunch. The establishment was created by the French NGO ‘Agir pour le Cambodge’, which is dedicated to helping young Cambodians from underprivileged families gain an education.

Now in its 7th year the show has become a highlight for celebrating the town’s creative achievements. The roots of the event combine a long cultural heritage with raising awareness for Cambodia youth artistic development. This enlightening program seamlessly combines socially responsible activities with exciting leisure and educational features – creating a fulfilling experience for any traveller.