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Hong Kong has grown into one of the world’s most popular stop-over destinations due to its shimmering allure of designer label shopping, abundance of fine dining and raucous nightlife to name just a few. Those who visit are missing out if they limit their time here to these few experiences.

There is a great history to this former British colony, and one must travel a little further out to find soft adventure experiences that rival any destination in Asia. To accompany the visual extravaganza in the city, there are a number of entertainment parks and don’t forget Macau, the former Portuguese colony is just a 50 minute jet-foil boat ride away.

Often described as a place where ‘East meets West’, Hong Kong celebrates its cultural mix that is reflected through the cuisine, architecture and daily practices of its people. For any traveler, this vertical city presents an opportunity to quickly become involved with these traditions and experience them first hand. Whether it is joining a tai chi class at dawn, eating local food on the street, watching an exhilarating game of rugby or following a path through the mountains, Hong Kong never fails to excite.

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