Mulu Cave Experience

3 days 2 nights | Sarawak

Venture to Gunung Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of outstanding natural beauty and one of the ‘Jewels in the Crown’ of Sarawak’s expanding network of forestry.

  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gunung Mulu National Park on foot.
  • Stand in awe of the world’s largest cave passage, the Deer Cave.
  • Witness millions of bats flying out of cave entrances at dusk.
  • Travel by longboat to Batu Bungan to observe the nomadic tribal lifestyle.


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What to Expect:

Covering 544 sq km of primary rainforest crisscrossed by fast-flowing rivers and clear jungle streams, Mulu is the largest national park in Sarawak. Its extensive cave systems also hold multiple records, including being one of the world’s largest cave passages, the Deer Cave; the world’s largest natural chamber, the Sarawak Chamber; and the eighth longest cave in the world, the Clearwater Cave System standing at 215km-long. Covered by a dense canopy of rainforest, ready-made plank walks will bring visitors to the four show caves for an unforgettable encounter with nature at her most majestic. Bursting with life, the national park is home to a wealth of wildlife, too, as well as thousands of species of flora which includes 170 species of wild orchids, carnivorous plants, ferns, fungi, and mosses. Jungle treks, upriver boat rides and a chance to meet Sarawak’s last nomadic tribe are sure to provide an experience guests won't soon forget.