Iwami Kagura Break

3 days 2 nights | Shimane

Travel to western Japan's last remaining hidden gem and experience authentic exchanges with local people, artists, and craftsmen.

  • Enjoy local kagura, a traditional Shinto dance theatre, plus an exclusive group rehearsal performed by Iwami locals.  
  • Practice some basic movements while wearing a traditional kagura costume or trying out some of the traditional instruments.
  • Take part in an exclusive workshop with master Kobayashi and learn how to make a kagura mask.
  • Visit a traditional papermaking craft shop, Sekishu-Kachiji-Banshi, and try your hand at making washi.

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What to Expect:

Situated just behind Hiroshima and Okayama but separated by the natural barrier of the Chugoku Mountains, the San'in region is the last hidden gem in Western Japan. Consisting of two prefectures, Shimane and Tottori, San'in is still relatively unknown to foreign travellers, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a journey off the beaten path. The people of the Iwami region in the western part of Shimane are very proud of their traditional Shinto dance theatre, known as Iwami Kagura. No other place in Japan exists where modern residents continue to live their daily lives while still being very connected to ancient mythologies of the land. This 3-day journey takes you to sites untouched by even the Japanese themselves to experience authentic meaningful and exchanges with local people, artists, and craftsmen.