Indonesia’s Rainbow Village

5 hours | Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan

Wander the colourful streets of Kampung Warna Warni, Indonesia's very own rainbow village, during an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour together with the head of the village and his team of artists.

  • Visit Kampung Warna Warni, the amazing rainbow village in Java, Indonesia.
  • Meet the Rukun Warga', the head of the village to learn more about the background of this community-run project.
  • Learn how to paint your own artwork together with the artists of the village.
  • Have fun with the whole family exploring the village's unique 3D wall paintings.


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What to Expect:

Inspired by Rio De Janeiro’s 'Favela Painting', the hillside town of Malang in East Java has created its own colourful village in collaboration with local students and artists to enhance the life of the least fortunate and give them a chance for additional income through tourism.  Upon arrival at the village, guests are welcomed by the 'Rukun Warga', the head of the village, to provide deeper insights about this unusual transformation while enjoying refreshments in one of the local cafes overlooking the colourful village. Stroll through the narrow winding roads and reach the artists’ studio of Jodipan, before sitting with the artists and learning how to produce simple artwork. Explore every angle of Kampung Warna-Warni, where visual gems show up in the most unassuming and unpretentious spots. Upon departure, guests will not only carry a self-made piece of art but also extensive memories of the friendly people in this eclectic village which has successfully proven that living standards can be significantly improved with nothing more than a strong local community and some creative flair.