Vietnam is blessed with a pleasant climate and stunning landscapes ranging from mountains to river basins, dense forests and vast tracts of emerald green rice fields. Agriculture still plays a predominant part in most peoples’ lives although, like other East Asian countries, it has seen massive migration in recent years to its major cities – Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and Hanoi. These chaotic, invigorating cities are where the delightful melding of different cultures is at its most evident, in everything from food to architecture.

Our selection of meticulously crafted products encourages interaction with local people to gain a deeper appreciation for the Vietnamese culture. At Destination Asia we encourage participation whenever possible to create deep and meaningful bonds with each destination that will be fondly remembered by guests.

An adventurous escape is never far away when traveling in Vietnam. From biking along beachfront avenues to cave exploring in the national parks, the picturesque landscape provides a perfect platform for the adventure hungry. As the country continues to develop its infrastructure, travel in the region is becoming an even greater pleasure.

Helicopter and sea plane services over the breathtaking Halong Bay provide exceptional views of this UNESCO World Heritage site that were previously unachievable, while our range of cruise options along the Mekong Delta open travelers’ eyes to a distinct way of life on the river.

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