Our CSR in China

Dew Drops Little Flower

Destination Asia China has been working with Dew Drops Little Flower for a number of years now. The organization provides comprehensive services, including medical care, special care, and post-surgery care to children with complex medical conditions. Dew Drops provides a long term, enriching home environment for abandoned children, and also a temporary home for families in need of support while they navigate the health care system.

Little Guan Han first arrived at Dew Drops Little Flower in April 2017. She has arthrogryposis. Last year Destination Asia China supported her specialized nursing care and one-on-one attention. The improvements have been amazing as she is healthy and happy. Little Guan Han continues to wear braces on her feet at night though the condition of her legs is improving as she can now stand and take steps. We are all so proud of her and the hard work she has put in to reach this stage.

Destination Asia China provides support to Dew Drops through volunteering on weekends, financial sponsorship of surgeries and/or operational costs. Since joining with Dew Drops, there has been a great sense of responsibility and love for the children we have come to know. Staff also took advantage of Tencent’s 99 Charity Day, held yearly on September, to talk about Dew Drops Little Flower and the children under their care and encourage donations.

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