June 2019

Traditional Celebrations

The Dragon Boat Festival is a celebration where thousands of competitors take part in races as well as parades and other colorful activities. This annual festival takes place in China, Hong-Kong, Malaysia (Penang) and Singapore and is generally held in June. It’s a colorful cultural festival with three distinct activities taking place; eating, drinking and racing dragon boats.

Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Mask) Festival (around 7 June) is a festival in Thailand and celebrates the return of the Buddha-to-be, Prince Vessandorn. It is said that the people in the village celebrated so loud that it awoke the dead who then joined the celebration.

Idul Fitri (the end of Ramadan) in Indonesia and Malaysia is one of the most important holidays for Indonesian Muslims, usually celebrated for a full week with locals travelling around the country to their hometowns. Roads can become heavily congested and many restaurants and sites will close. If possible, we recommend avoiding the Idul Firti period if traveling to the islands of Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Lombok.

The Bali Kite Festival in Sanur (Indonesia) is an annual international kite festival held in the Padang Galak area of Sanur Beach, Bali. Traditionally, giant kites (4 meters in width and almost 10 meters in length) are made and flown competitively by teams from the villages (banjar) of Denpasar. The event is a seasonal religious festival intended to send a message to the Hindu Gods to create abundant crops and harvests.

Gawai Dayak Festival (1-2 June) is an annual festival celebrated by the Dayak people in Sarawak, Malaysia and West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Takigi Noh (1-2 June) is one of the most ancient musical forms in Japan that has manifested into an event with performances taking place during the night at a symbolic shrine in Kyoto. Noh is performed by actors wearing lacquer-coated wooden masks and dressed in eye-catching costumes.

International events

Don’t miss the Durian Festival in Malaysia taking place in June. Lovers of the ‘King of Fruits’ celebrate the season when one of the most popular fruits in Southeast Asia arrives. A must-try for all visitors!

This month also welcomes the Bali Arts Festival from 16 June to 14 July with daily performances and handicraft exhibitions taking place. This is the cultural event of the year in Bali.

Ultra Singapore (15-16 June) is the world's largest independent electronic music festival, bringing renowned global acts together from 18 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Tokyo and Seoul. Singapore International Festival of Arts also takes place in the month of June.

Weather Patterns

The monsoon slowly arrives in Southeast Asia but it’s still a good time to explore the Gulf of Thailand; especially Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Samui - also central Vietnam (Hue, Hoi An, Danang, Nha Trang). Rain can also be expected in Japan with the exception of Hokkaido. For those interested in China, now is the ideal time to head west (in particular Tibet and Xinjiang). It’s also a great time to visit Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia while it is dry and sunny.