With Myanmar still relatively undiscovered, it would be difficult not to feel a sense of adventure when you visit. In a country void of western paraphernalia, with only a handful of ATMs and mobile phones still a novelty, the Golden Land presents an opportunity to step back in time. Changes are taking place, though there is still much to be done to the infrastructure, with opportunities for exceptional experiences still at an exciting stage of development before they realize their full potential.

Myanmar offers endless compelling experiences; including hiking, climbing, fishing, horse riding and diving. Whether it is heading north into the Kyiang Tong region, sailing in the Mergui Archipelago or taking an early morning balloon flight over Mandalay, Destination Asia always delivers distinctive encounters.

Tourism in Myanmar continues to surge since opening its borders in 2011, with a great increase in confidence amongst investors to develop new and exciting ways to experience this fascinating country.

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Country Fact Sheet

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