Chinese Costume Show

14 days 13 nights | Beijing, Suzhou, Guizhou

Experience China's unique culture through its traditional costume and painting techniques, venturing from high-tech metropolises and to lesser-known ethnic minority villages.

  • Explore ancient Chinese costumes and traditional patterns in Beijing.
  • Have a silk Tang suit cut and sewn by an expert tailor.
  • Learn the art of the famous Su embroidery in Suzhou.
  • Discover the beautiful costumes belonging to ethnic minorities in Guizhou.


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What to Expect:

Upon arrival in the Chinese capital, guests will spend four days in Beijing discovering ancient costumes and traditional patterns, including Chinese paintings, calligraphy and porcelain; cosplay characters from the Ming and Qing dynasties; and getting tailor-made Tang suits cut. Travel to Suzhou via high-speed train, where over two days guests will learn the famous Su embroidery technique. For the final seven days of the trip, visit 12 ethnic minority villages in Guizhou and explore the beautiful costumes unique to their culture.