China is the travel industry’s sleeping giant, a vast wonderland of tour destinations, from natural and man-made splendors to majestic imperial palaces, colorful folk customs and some of the most extraordinary futuristic buildings on this planet.

Restoration of the Great Wall at Badaling

The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made structure in the world. In fact, the length of all Chinese defense walls built over the last 2000 years is approximately 50,000 kilometres, while the Earth’s circumference is only 40,000 kilometres. As one of the wonders of the world, the Great Wall is a must on any visit to Beijing.

On this program we allow guests to make their own mark in history by helping to restore an ancient section of the Great Wall.

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Photography tour of Old Shanghai

Shanghai is unquestionably the most vibrant city in China and is well on its way to once again being a multicultural metropolis that effortlessly blends modernity with tradition. In Shanghai we introduce travellers to the ancient architectural styles.

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A province of flowers

The climate in Yunnan is often described as passing through an ‘Eternal Spring’. Flowers can be found all-year-round in Kunming, leading to its nickname of Spring City.

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An Avatar adventure

One of the most highly anticipated days during our tour is the trip to Yuanjiajie and Tianzi Mountain. The sandstone peaks here rise through the mist, each divided by plunging valleys to create their own natural world. The region may appear familiar to many guests as it was the jaw-dropping setting for the hit movie ‘Avatar’.

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New CSR initiative in Tibet

Destination Asia China is now supporting a series of projects, both environmental and social, incorporating them into itineraries to bring about positive changes in the community. In addition to using local restaurants and visiting smaller family run businesses, we also provide guests with the option to visit a blind school in Tibet.

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