Through our tailored travel styles, guests are immersed in local cultural traditions, encounter the unknown and surround themselves with the world's most sensational natural habitats. From uncovering traditional costume and painting techniques and venturing to four of the country's most famous cities to exploring Beijing's hidden hutongs, unearthing the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine or trying your hand at the craft of cloisonné; explore five of our most iconic trips in China below.

Chinese Costume Show


This 14-day experience takes guests from China's capital of Beijing to the city of Suzhou and the mountainous province of Guizhou in southwest China.

Experience China's unique culture through its traditional costume and painting techniques, venturing from high-tech metropolises and to lesser-known ethnic minority villages.

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12-Day China Highlights


This classic 12-day program takes guests to four of China's most famous cities: Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai.

From north to south and east to west, embark on a journey venturing through the ancient and modern wonders of China.

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Beijing Hutongs By Rickshaw

Local Life

This half-day experience takes guests back in time as they zig-zag through the historic narrow lanes of Beijing.

Get in touch with the local residents and experience the daily life of people in Beijing's hutongs, gaining insight into the traditional culture and way of life.

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Chinese Medicine and Health Care in Huizhou


This 5-day wellness journey takes guests to the city of Huangshan, named after the famously scenic Yellow Mountains.

Unearth the ancient secrets of traditional Chinese medicine and wellness philosophies under the guidance of specialist doctors, Taoist health care practitioners, and tai chi za-zen masters.

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Discovering the Cloisonné Craft

Arts & Culture

This half-day experience offers guests the opportunity to see and learn this process first-hand with a tour of a cloisonné factory in Beijing.

Under the guidance of a master craftsman, discover this ancient and highly revered technique and create your own work of art in the process.

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